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Pizza Cake (Five Nights at Freddy's Cake)

Pizza Cake (Five Nights at Freddy's Cake)


• 2 cups vanilla cake batter (per pizza)

• Strawberry jam

• White chocolate chunk

• Black licorice nibs

• Sour apple slices

• Strawberry fruit leather

• Chocolate covered caramels

• White Sour belts

• Purple Mike 'n Ike's

• white pizza boxes

• Freddy Fazbear's Pizza logo

• large sticker paper



1. Preheat oven to 350F.  In a 10" round baking pan, bake cake for 20-25 minutes, or until edges are golden brown.  Remove, and immediately place an 8" cake pan on top of the hot cake.  Fill the 8" pan with heavy objects (there should be enough weight to press the pan into the cake below).  Allow to cool for 20-30 minutes like this, and then remove as normal from the 10" cake pan. Allow to cool completely.

2. Cover indentation section of the cake with strawberry jam.

3. Using a vegetable peeler or grater, grate the white chocolate for the "cheese" until there is enough to cover the top of the "pizza".

4.  Cut the Mike 'n Ike's in half lengthwise for red onion pieces.

5. Cut the black licorice into slices, and then remove the center using a tiny round circle cutter. 

6. Cut the apple slices in half for green peppers.

7. Cut the fruit leather using a small round cutter.

8. Place all toppings on to the pizza. 

9. Cut 1" pieces of the white sour belt slices and place on to the cake for additional cheese pieces.

10. Place the chocolate rounds on to the cake for mini meatballs.

11. Attach the large sticker logo to the front of the box. Set pizza into a pizza box for display and serving. 


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