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Super Black Vanilla Buttercream, Frosting

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How to Make Super Black Vanilla Buttercream, Frosting (no cocoa needed).

Whether you call it frosting, icing or just buttercream, what is the trick to making BLACK BUTTERCREAM? In this episode of Buttercream Basics, Brightercook will show you how to make your icing BLACK with an easy recipe.




230g unsalted softened butter

500g icing sugar

2-3 tbsp boiling water



1. Cut the block of butter into 3 and put it into a microwaveable tub. Take a heaped 1/2 tsp of SUGARFLAIR BLACK EXTRA and sit it on the top.... do not mix it in. Put it like this into the microwave for 10 to 15 secs. When you open the microwave there should be smoke coming off of the colouring.

2. Mix in the colour into what’s melted as best you can and put it back in again until the butter has fully melted. The colour should be jet black at this point.

3. Put ice into a larger bowl or saucepan about 1/4 full, then add some water to come just above the ice. Put your mixture into a jug with a handle if you have one and put the jug into the iced water with the handle over the edge to stop it from falling in.

4. Keep stirring the buttercream the heat separated it so you need to mix it back in together get all around the edges and bottom and edges as it will be going hard from the cold. When the mixture can sit on top of itself it’s stiff enough and you can put it into the mixer to whip for 3 mins on high.

5. It will be lighter but don’t worry. Add the icing sugar in 3 lots and mix on slow. The last lot may be stiffer so add your vanilla and boiling water (must be boiling) at this point. Once you are happy with the consistency leave it in the fridge until morning, when it should be jet black x.

6. Enjoy your Super Black Vanilla Buttercream, Frosting

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